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You're Invited!

My name is Andrew Corley,
I am the CEO at the Sioux YMCA up here in Dupree.
We are hosting a Global Indigenous Youth Summit in April
and wanted to extend an invite out your way to see if you
had any youth that would like to attend.

We have scholarship dollars available if the price is a factor.

Andrew Corley ED/CEO Sioux YMCA |

Please read the following information:

GIYS Bulletin #1.pdf

GIYS Bulletin #2.pdf

Hi my name is Jesse.
And I am looking for a Native American teacher and fishing guide.
I am self employed and own a small business. I have 6 full time employees
and I want to show them how much I appreciate all there hard work and freind ships.
I know I couldn't be the success I am without them. And nobody is above or below another.
And as a team we can accomplish any thing. We have great respect for people the land and the animals.
We catch and release 90% of what we catch.
Or will give our legal limits to a family who needs them on the reservation.
And also will make a 500.00 donation that our guide likes on the reservation.
A charity or head start program schools or the elderly.
Plus tip our teacher for there knowledge wisdom. We have all the equipment a boat food and bait.
And maybe if this works out it may become a way to help bring money and
awareness to your great people. Thank you for your consideration.

Yours truly Jesse Jorgensen
Please read this article about the Facts Behind Senior Hunger:

Facts Behind Senior Hunger

Carolina Gerard
Outreach Intern
National Council for Aging Care
1200 G Street, NW
Washington D.C. 20005
Looking for my foster son Cody Voice, lost track of him in the 90/s. His sister worked for the tribe.
Thank you

Contact me at:
Hello, I'm looking for a SD artist who may be interested in displaying and
selling their products in a store. (I saw four on the website.)
Thanks for your help.

If you hear of anybody, send them my way. Here is my contact information:

Joni Napton

I am looking to contact Chuck Thompson,
Sioux Indian that served as a medic for the 101st airborne in 1968.
He worked as a rodeo worker.
Ron Phillips 256-446-9155. Email:


BOB STEADMAN 231-218-2702

Business Starting Classes

Business Starting Classes

Business Starting Classes

Business Starting Classes


Horizon Health Care, Inc.
Fort Thompson Community Health Center

125 SD Hwy 249
Fort Thompson, SD
Hours: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Same day appointments/walk-ins welcome.

We accept all insurances and offer discounted prices through our Sliding Fee program. We are here to serve everyone, no matter what your income may be!

Flu shots are available now - call or come in to get your flu shot!

Business Starting Classes

Call for Vendors

 Special Diabetes Program for Indians

The Wowasanke Wellness Center has been made possible by the SDPI. The Special Diabetes Program for Indians (SDPI) ia grant funded program located at the Fort Thompson Indian Health Care Service. The SDPI Wowasanke Wellness Center's main goal is to assisit our community members with becoming more proactive in leading a healthy lifestyle. We do this by promoting fitness and diabetes education. Our staff members provide education on how to: make healthier food choices, increase your physical activity level, and meeting/exceeding your weight loss goals.

We invite all of out relatives to come in and find out how we can help you on your hourney to wellness!
Membership Eligibility

A physician release form and fitness assessment must must be completed in order to utilize the Wowwaske Wellness Center.

 Special Diabetes Program for Indians

April 28, 2015

MEDIA CONTACT: Casey Murschel, CACSD Coordinator
Phone: (605) 951-5174

One woman's fight to end violence

Veterans Memorial Lodge DOJ honors Crow Creek shelter director with award for dedicating career to helping abused women, children SIOUX FALLS, SD - Standing up for battered or abused women and children is a courageous feat in itself, but for one woman it has been her life's work. Lisa Heth is the executive director of the Wiconi Wawokiya shelter that provides victims' services on the Crow Creek Indian Reservation in Fort Thompson. To recognize the years of hard work and devotion she has shown in reducing violence in central South Dakota, the Department of Justice (DOJ) honored her with its prestigious Crime Victim Service Award. The award ceremony was hosted by the DOJ Office for Victims of Crime in observance of National Crime Victims' Rights Week, and held on April 21 in Washington D.C. "It was a very humbling experience and I'm very honored," Heth said of receiving the national award. After providing victim services for almost 25 years, she dedicates this honor to numerous advocates in Indian Country, staff members at Wiconi Wawokiya, Inc., and to God for illuminating her purpose in life. "We've gone through some tough times over the years, so I wouldn't feel right to not give glory and honor to our Creator for his guidance and his ability to show me the way and provide me with the strength to sustain and keep going. Heth said, "It's heartbreaking to see the pain abused women and children go through and thankfully God has provided us with the means to meet their needs." Wiconi Wawokiya Inc. translates from Dakota into "helping families" and often referred to as Project SAFE Shelter. But it also includes Children's SAFE Place, which is a member of the Child Advocacy Centers of South Dakota (CACSD). Heth's mission is to empower victims by providing them with a safe haven, while working to engage and educate communities throughout South Dakota on the dynamics of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, rape, and child abuse. "On behalf of the Child Advocacy Centers of South Dakota, we applaud Lisa on receiving this well-deserved honor from the Department of Justice, and appreciate the much-needed services she provides for so many victims," said CACSD Coordinator Casey Murschel. "Too often the public is unaware of the critical role victim services plays in the healing process of abuse victims, both children and adults. This award recognizes the importance of that work. Project SAFE Shelter and Children's SAFE Place both offer multidisciplinary victim services, including the battered women's shelter, and a site for forensic and physical interviews and exams for adult and child victims. In addition, Heth created a computer center for victims to search for jobs, take classes online and provide victims with services to relocate or restore financial independence. The nonprofit shelter opened its doors in 1985 and serves a large rural area in the central part of the state, including the Lower Brule Indian Reservations. And because of Heth's efforts in securing invaluable funding through grants on local, state, and federal levels, it will remain open. For more information about CACSD, call (605) 333-2226 or e-mail Casey Murschel at For more information on Wiconi Wawokiya, Inc., call (605) 245-2471, e-mail, or visit

Veterans Memorial Lodge
Volunteers with Wiconi Wawokiya, Inc., a shelter for abused women and children on the Crow Creek Indian Reservation in Fort Thompson sort through boxes of donations. The Department of Justice recently awarded its executive director with the Victim Service Award. Photo courtesy of Wiconi Wawokiya, Inc.

Veterans Memorial Lodge
Phone: 605-245-2189
Contact: Jerald Lytle
Address: PO Box 80, 33831 BIA Rt 4, Fort Thompson, SD 57339
Mission: Veterans Helping Veterans

The Veteran's Memorial Lodge of Fort Thompson is requesting photographs, awards, decorations, documents and/or any military related items that belong to past or present military veterans. We have some things already such as the names and photos of some Vietnam KIAs, a list of the 38 Dakota Akicita who were hung at Mankato, Minnesota, the names of the Dakota who served as Scouts for the U.S. Army in the 1800s and a partial list of the World War 1, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afganistan veterans. We are looking for a list of Dakota Code Talkers. We would like to decorate the walls with items from our local veterans so everyone can look at them and be proud of our brave young men and women who served our country and helped protect our way of life. Your valuable items will be very well protected inside the Lodge. We are dedicated to the memory of our fellow veterans and to the preservation of our military history.

Presently, we are signing up all interested Veterans but membership is open to anyone who would like to support the Veteran's Lodge. Beside the regular monthly meetings and meals, there are other benefits such as free coffee and donuts in the dining room for veterans. Military theme related movie nights with free popcorn. Free meal on your birthday for veterans. As a Lodge member you can have input as to what are the Veteran related needs that we can do fund raisers for. We have the County Veteran's Service Office in our building so you can get in on all the benefits you earned and deserve to have. Our Board of Directors are looking for different ways to serve our veterans. The membership dues are very affordable at $12.00 per year (this amounts to $1.00 per month.) Please consider joining the Vet's Lodge. It might be just what you are looking for.

Thank you,
Jerald Lytle