Get Involved in the Crow Creek Reservation Communities


There are some great non-profit organizations working on the Crow Creek Sioux Reservation, and many would appreciate your help.
If you see something below that interests you, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Note for possible off-reservation volunteers: If you would like to become involved with one of the Crow Creek non-profits and
like some guidance, please contact us at We would be happy to assist in matching your
skills and interests with an organization.

Habitat for Humanity - Dacotah Tipis

Dacotah Tipis Habitat for Humanity has an upcoming need for volunteers to assist with:

  • Electrical work
  • Plumbing
  • Insulation
  • Dry wall
  • Fundraising

Those wishing to volunteer should contact Jim Huntley at 605-245-2450.

Dacotah Tipis Habitat for Humanity would appreciate the following supplies:

  • Electrical suppplies: wire, juction boxes, lighting fixtures
  • Plumbing supplies: piping, etc.
  • Bathroom and kitchen supplies: sinks, toilet, etc/
  • Dry wall
  • Monetary donations

Contact: Jim Huntley
Phone: 605.245.2450
Address: PO Box 487 (1127 BIA Route # 4)
Ft. Thompson, SD 57339
Download: Habitat Information

Thank you!

Boys and Girls Club in Fort Thomson South Dakota

Boys & Girls Club of the Three Districts would appreciate volunteers for the following:

  • Assisting with the Mentoring Program
  • Painting and cleaning the club units
  • Help implement other physical Fitness Programs
  • Help in the community garden

Volunteers must pass a background check prior to any volunteer projects. Volunteers can contact the Executive Director (Ronda Hawk) at 605.245.2410.

The Boys and Girls Club of the Three Districts would appreciate the following supplies:

  • Arts & Crafts supplies
  • Watercolor paints and Paint brushes
  • Glue
  • Pencils and Writing tablets
  • School supplies

Donations can be brought to or sent to:
The Boys and Girls Club of the Three Districts
PO Box 518 (126 S Dakota Highway 149), Fort Thompson, SD 57339.

Other supplies needed depends on the time of year. During the winter months, our need is propane, thus keeping our doors open and providing a safe place of kids year round.
Questions? Call Ronda Hawk at 605.245.2410

Thank you! - we appreciate your help.

Hunkpati Investments on the Crow Creek Reservation

Hunkpati Investments would appreciate volunteers for the following:

  • Doing free tax return preparation for community members, January through April

Those wishing to volunteer should call 605-245-2148. Hunkpati Investments will provide training for those wishing to assist in the free income tax preparation program, saving and bringing hundreds of thousands of dollars back to the Crow Creek community.

Hunkpati Investments could use the following:

Office Supplies

  • Pens, Pencils, Reams of Paper
  • Folders, Notepads, Binders
  • Staplers, Paper Punchers
  • Retired, but usable laptops, Projectors
  • Lockable Filing Cabinets, Shredders

Teaching Supplies

  • Calculators, Chart Paper, Poster Board, Markers

Community Event Hosting

  • Folding Tables, Folding Chairs
  • Paper plates and cups, Serving Utensils

New Building

  • Desks, Office Chairs, Small Conference table and chairs

We also, of course, can always use the monetary donations that
make all of our services possible. If you have any questions about
donating or about what we do, please call Krystal Langholz at
605-245-2148 or email .

Supplies and donations can be brought or sent to: 126 S Dakota Highway 149, PO Box 175, Fort Thompson, SD 57339


Wopila Tanka (Many Thanks!)